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Restaurant Mastika was started by Yunus and Hilal. The young Turkish/Dutch couple has wide experience in hotel and catering industry.

Hilal and Yunus are proud of their restaurant Mastika. It is not only the food; they have pleasure of making guests to their sense. The ambiance in the restaurant is at least this way important. Hilal and Yunus have paid attention to all details of Mastika. This way, the furniture in the restaurant has been made special in style of monumental building, based on an own design. A beautiful example is also the stair to the 1st floor and the bridge at this floor which connects the two parts of this building harmoniously to each other. The inspiration was made up from the Bosporus Bridge, which links Istanbul (the Ottoman capital) to Europe.

Yunus has learned his profession from Leo Bruin, the well-known Rotterdam's hotel and catering industry entrepreneur, former owner of café Stobbe and current owner of Brasserie Dylans in Kralingen. Yunus was an employer at both restaurants. In the meantime he completed the training Executive Hotel and Catering Industry Entrepreneur. Restaurant Sultan, laid beside the south square, already recognized his entrepreneur qualities and asked him to put down a new concept and to become owner of this Turkish establishment. The concept considered by him appeared very successful. He worked three years full dispossession. Being a manager for approximately ten years, it was time for a new challenge.

At Sultan he met Hilal with whom he not only dared to get married, but also found enthusiasm with her to start his own Ottoman restaurant.

Hilal started boxing at a professional level, at the age of 12 until her twenties. Courage and perseverance are in her blood as well as spicy energy. No surprise that she dared to start her own restaurant with Yunus.

Pure and honest. Hilal uses biological goods and works only with fresh and sound products. Applying modern cooking techniques to traditional recipes and composing new recipes; Hilal has experimented with this from her childhood years on. For the past two years she has been serving the new taste sensations to her guests. Hilal consciously works with halal products. In addition, she also takes into account certain personal diets. This way of cooking makes her dishes accessible for everyone.

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